About me, your Fairy Godmother

About eight years ago, I was in the process of a break up with the father of my son, my business was not suceeding and life seemed a little challenging, to say the least. Times were tough and financially I would have to make the choice between buying toilet paper or Tampax. One night an over head ceiling light in my walk-in wardrobe overheated and a small chip of burning hot glass broke off and set all my clothes on fire. In a matter of twenty minutes my whole home was smoked out. The only material thing I managed to save was my son’s bear. The next day I had only a coat, a night dress and a pair of boots to my name. One of my friends, my very own Fairy Godmother, was kind enough to buy me a dress. Wearing that dress made me feel able to face the outside world again. Less than a decade later, I live in a beautiful home with my very own Prince Charming, my amazing son, a loving, remarkable stepson and a busy and thriving tea room. And yes, I am living happily ever after….


a Fairy