How did Fairy Godmother Online happen?

I have always dreamed of being a Fairy Godmother, giving away beautiful things to people who might not otherwise be lucky enough to own them. That’s why Fairy Godmother Online will be giving away a beautiful piece of art every week of the year. Win or not, by visiting Fairy Godmother Online and sharing the art you could win, you are supporting an artist
Fairy Godmother Online aims to give away an artwork from a talented artist every week of the year. You can see the item on Instagram, Facebook or on Fairy Godmother Online. If you see the item on social media, please click through to Fairy Godmother Online.
On this site, you can see the work of art, it’s details and you can wish for it. You will need to accept our terms and conditions to do this and share the picture of the item on the social media of your choice. We will also need to know how to contact you, but we will not share this data with anyone else. You can wish on the piece of art and share it as many times as you like in the week it appears on Fairy Godmother Online. We will then choose a winner completely at random, without any magical interference.


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