How did Fairy Godmother Online happen?

When I was a child, whereas most of my friends wanted to be ballerina’s or veterinarians, I wanted to be a Fairy Godmother. The idea of providing beautiful items to people so that they could feel special was a fairy-tale in itself. I have been struggling for a long time to work out, short of being a millionaire, how I could make this come about. But after several incarnations, including selling my soul in advertising and owning a tea room (which is still my day job) I came up with the idea of As the owner of an independent business surrounded by franchises I understand how hard it is to promote yourself when both your time and marketing budget are limited. helps independent businesses to promote themselves and allows me to fulfil my dream of being a Fairy Godmother by giving away beautiful gifts from independent stores. I am hoping that it will make all those concerned get their version of a happy ending.


a Fairy